Where I’ve Been and Where I’m Going

D3: Tired

I thought I’d sleep better last night. Having not had drinks for two days in a row, I thought I’d zonk out, immediately enter la-la-land, especially with how I had the whole bed to myself (my husband traveling). I did my nightly routine–picked up the house, rinsed off my makeup, brushed my teeth, spritzed on some lavender-scented … Continue reading D3: Tired

D2: Talisman

tal·is·man noun I’m currently rereading Catherine Gray’s, The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober. I do this a lot. Reread Quit Lit for when I know a specific book will “speak” to me. When I need to hear a certain author’s voice in my head. Anyway, in one of Catherine’s chapters, she talks about how she’s carried a “My Little … Continue reading D2: Talisman

Glimpses Within

I’m on day 11. I did not have a drop of alcohol this past weekend. I’m really proud of that. The cravings came and went like ocean waves, but I rode them out, I moved past them. What worked best was picturing going to bed at the end of the night. Knowing that I wanted … Continue reading Glimpses Within

Where I’m At

It’s been eight days since I’ve had a drink. I’m feeling pretty good. Shaky here and there–fighting off a craving–but for the most part, pretty strong. Solid in my decision. When I have contemplated drinking, I’ve made myself “play it forward” to later in the night. I’ve pictured myself waking up around 3:00 AM with … Continue reading Where I’m At

Facing Forward

So, I had a hiccup. I got through Friday night just fine without drinking. Actually, it was a good win. We had dinner plans with Brandon & Jennifer, a couple we rarely see anymore. We went to a Mexican restaurant, and while everyone else ordered house margaritas, I stuck to my guns and ordered a … Continue reading Facing Forward

Cravings (Day 5)

I chose the above picture for a sense of calm, something to look at while I’m writing about today’s TAE topic: cravings. Because just the word, “cravings,” sends off a trigger ALERT in my head. Funny, right? Ah… but the truth. So, yep, Annie Grace talked about what cravings actually are and how we can … Continue reading Cravings (Day 5)

TAE–Day 3 (Brain Chemicals)

Today’s TAE lesson talked about what drinking alcohol does to your brain chemicals, particularly your dopamine and serotonin levels. I won’t go into all the science–I’m not a doctor–but the gist of it was that when you drink, you artificially stimulate the reward centers of your brain, you flood it with these “feel-good” chemicals and … Continue reading TAE–Day 3 (Brain Chemicals)

TAE–Day 2 (Self-Talk)

Day Two of the TAE focuses on what I will call, “Positive mental outlook,” also the power of self-talk. It’s a two-pronged lesson. BOTH invaluable. With the mental outlook side, Annie says that if you go into this one-month alcohol-free experiment with a negative attitude, if you tell yourself that it’s going to essentially suck, then it … Continue reading TAE–Day 2 (Self-Talk)


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