Hi there!

F. Scott Fitzergerald once said, “First you take a drink, then the drink takes a drink, then the drink takes you.” Over the course of my life, I couldn’t find this to be more accurate. Since the age of fourteen, alcohol has been a “thing” in my life. It’s been a vote of confidence, a thrilling adventure, an escape from reality, a bridge to romance, a link to friendships, a magical elixir I could never seem to pass up. Until…. It wasn’t.

My name is Shannon Leigh. I’m in my forties now, married with two kids, have two dogs, have a mortgage, ailing parents, work fulltime; I have every reason to give up alcohol, a.k.a., “ethanol,” for good. This blog is about my sober journey, my search for truths. I’m tired of alcohol’s lies.