Hi there!

F. Scott Fitzergerald once said, “First you take a drink, then the drink takes a drink, then the drink takes you.” Over the course of my life, I couldn’t find this to be more accurate. Since the age of fourteen, alcohol has been a “thing” in my life. It’s been a vote of confidence, a thrilling adventure, an escape from reality, a bridge to romance, a link to friendships, a magical elixir I could never seem to pass up. Until…. It wasn’t.

My name is Shannon Leigh. I’m in my forties now, married with two kids, have two dogs, have a mortgage, ailing parents, work fulltime; I have every reason to give up alcohol, a.k.a., “ethanol,” for good. The ramifications of drinking are completely not worth it. This blog is my outlet. My way to keep track of my sobriety journey the Lord has put me on. I’m shooting for 100 days. I’m going to keep positive, keep my sights set on the future. I’m going to bust through the lies I’ve believed about alcohol. I’m searching for only truths.