D3: Tired

I thought I’d sleep better last night. Having not had drinks for two days in a row, I thought I’d zonk out, immediately enter la-la-land, especially with how I had the whole bed to myself (my husband traveling). I did my nightly routine–picked up the house, rinsed off my makeup, brushed my teeth, spritzed on some lavender-scented spray–I even took a half-hour to read my Nook in order to get drowsy, but STILL I couldn’t fall asleep right away. It took nearly two hours before I eventually drifted off. Ergh!!

I did wake up, though, without a hangover (of course), and that was nice. I didn’t need to pop a Motrin or slam water down my throat. But now… I’m feeling exhausted. It’s that time of day, after lunch and when the work has slowed down. I’m starting to glance more at the clock, wishing the minutes would pass faster. I’m running on empty. And yet, I need to leave here shortly to go pick up my son after school then come back to work to finish off the day.

I’m hoping I can sleep better tonight. We’ll see. I’m still single-parenting it, and my son has tennis and my daughter has a friend who’s coming over for a few hours for a playdate. I know I’m taking too much on–with how I’m trying to not drink–that I’m doing that “overwhelm” thing a lot of Quit Lit authors talk about as a big red flag. But I don’t have the luxury to do much else. With my husband out of town, I HAVE to shoulder all the responsibility with the house and kids. And the tasks never seem to end.

So, I need to make a deal with myself. I need to reward myself. Have something to look forward to, something that will help me this evening.

Here it is: if I can see to it that my son goes to his tennis, has his dinner afterwards and gets his homework done, and see to it that my daughter and her friend eat dinner and have a fun get-together from 5:00 to 8:00, then come the time after I’ve run the friend home, I’m going reward myself with a long, hot bath. Not only will this relax my muscles, but it should provide me with a little down time and help me fall asleep easier tonight. That is the hope, anyway.

Day Three. Still hanging in there.

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