TAE–Day 4 (Dealing with Discomfort)

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Today’s TAE lesson deals with “Dealing with Discomfort” as you’re coming down off the booze. Scott Pinyard led this topic, and in his video, he talked about how it’s only natural that your body will be going through some upheaval while it flushes itself of the alcohol. It’s used to getting it daily (for most of us). It’s taken a beating from it. He said that you’re to think of it as normal, that it’s only a blip on the radar, a speedbump that you WILL get over. I’ve heard other coaches speak of it as “killing the monster.” They say to take a step back and enjoy watching it die. It’s all a part of the process, and you will feel better at the end of it.

Typically, they say this phase can last at most 7 to 10 days, but some of us may even pass it in 3. Since I took a month-long break in June, and only started back up drinking in July, I’m hoping I’m done with this stage now that I’ve hit day 4. I can tell my stomach is better. I don’t have indigestion problems, my acid-reflux has pretty much gone away, and my headaches haven’t been a problem for over 48 hours. This seems to be my norm when I take a break from drinking. I usually start on a Monday, and by the time I get to Thursday, I’m in a better place physically and mentally. Emotionally, I’m struggling. I’m back again dealing with anger, bitterness, impatience, and even a touch of sadness. But because I know this is part of the process for me, I’m hoping that this time I can ride the wave more easily. I can sort of watch it like a disinterested passenger looking out the window: “I see it. There it is. But I’ve seen this terrain before, so I’m going to set my sights on something more interesting.”

One thing I do NOT want to do this time around is fall into a sugar pit. In the past when I’ve quit alcohol, my sweet tooth has gotten away from me. I’ve given myself permission to eat whatever the hell I wanted, and mainly what I wanted was anything with sugar. Baked goods, ice cream, chocolate, candy, the list could go on. Oh, and the sugary drinks. It’s almost like I switch addictions–which Scott Pinyard also talked about in today’s lesson. To combat these nasty sugar cravings this go-around, I’m going to try and eat more fruit. If I do “need” something a little sweeter, I will have a Hersey’s Kiss or a couple of M&M’s. Maybe a flavored yogurt. That’s it! And all the soda I’ll want to drink? Nope, not going to happen. It’s sparkling waters for this girl.

I do not need to add to my “discomfort” by getting a bloated belly from sugar.

One thought on “TAE–Day 4 (Dealing with Discomfort)”

  1. Oh boy did I fall into that “sugar pit” for my first two month. 😆😆
    Thankfully it didn’t even come close calorically to the amount of vodka I used to chug but I totally traded one for the other.
    Took me two months but I was able to hop on the exercise train and reign in my eating thank goodness.
    You got this!! Continued success to you. 💕💕


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