The Reset, Day One: The Seedling

It’s been quite some time since I’ve written a blog post. Truthfully, I’ve been a bit…hesitant. Embarrassed. Ashamed. Disappointed.

In myself.

But today marks a new commitment. A new challenge. I’m doing a 21-day reset with my “Sober Sisters” from a site I joined back in June. We completed the original reset together that month, and I even made it to July 3rd without drinking, but then I caved at a 4th of July party and since then, the past four weeks have been somewhat of a shitshow. I’ve basically given myself permission to drink whenever I’ve wanted. This past weekend was my booziest, yet. 

It has to stop.


So…. today is Day One of my August reset. My Sober Sisters and I are doing Annie Grace’s, The Alcohol Experiment (TAE) together. I downloaded the app on my phone. I’ve already finished the prework Annie assigns and just tackled the first day’s material. The question she wants you to ask yourself on this day is what are your “Why’s.” First off, “Why do you drink?” And secondly, “Why do you want to take a break from drinking?”

My answer to the first (in no particular order):

        To have fun

        To relax at the end of a stressful or long day at work

        Drinking “at” my husband, when I’m upset with him

        When I hear bad news, as a way to cope in the moment

        When I’m bored

        To have some “me” time while watching Netflix or painting my nails in bed, etc.

        To celebrate after being done with house chores

        To celebrate after big events in life

        To fit in with the drinking crowd–our friends, our families, the drinking culture in general

        To silence the “Wine Witch” voice in my head

My answer to the second (again, in no particular order):

       To get physically healthy

        To diet

        To get better sleep

        To stop worrying about my long-term health

        To discover other ways to cope with anger, disappointment, sadness, stress, etc.

        To learn how to enjoy outings again without the need to drink

        To get emotionally healthy–not be so depressed or anxious

        To get mentally healthy–to have better memory and concentration

        To discover myself, who I am at this age

        To be a good role model for my children

        To be a better, safer parent

        To align my principles with God’s

        To have more energy

        To like myself again, feel proud, feel strong

        To be less self-absorbed, be more present with family and friends

Each day, I’m hoping to transfer a little bit of the TAE’s message onto my blog. I’ll post about what I’ve learned, how I’m doing, write about my ups and downs–hopefully more ups then down (fingers crossed)–and maybe, just maybe there will be someone out there who reads this, who helps to keep me accountable, who comments, or simply just understands. Maybe they’re going through something similar of their own, and this will help.


One thought on “The Reset, Day One: The Seedling”

  1. I cannot recommend Annie Grace’s experiment enough.
    On September 1st I will be one year sober and that date coincides with the day I started her experiment.
    That is after 20 years of hard drinking with three weeks being my longest consecutive sober stretch prior.
    I thought NOTHING was going to help me until I did that experiment and I owe it my life.
    I wish you success and happiness on this journey. The book and program have great tools if you utilize them.
    Good luck!! 💕💕💕


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