Debunking My Second Belief

Another belief of mine: “I can always have just one.”

I have this thought. When I’m sitting at my desk at work on either a Thursday or Friday afternoon; Thursday, thinking ahead to my evening of watching Top Chef with Rob (while he’s sipping a neat whiskey), and Friday, thinking ahead to celebrating the start of my weekend. I think–and believe–that I can just have one or maybe two drinks for the night. I tell myself that this way I won’t get horrible sleep or wake up with a hangover. I even go so far as to picture which two cocktails I’ll have, actually put myself through this mental torture.

The truth?

It NEVER happens this way. Okay, maybe on a Thursday I stick to two, but it’s only because I have the weight of Rob’s eyes on me (sitting next to me on the couch), but if he was out of town? It would be game on. Fridays are the biggest joke. Stick to only two drinks after I’ve already given myself permission to imbibe? Know that because it’s a weekend Rob won’t be judging me? I have three at the least.

What should I say to this belief instead? “I CAN’T have just one after I’ve started drinking, so really THINK about this beforehand.”


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