Holiday Weekends

Holiday weekends are tough. The desire to drink is…overwhelming. Whether it’s because you’re getting together with friends and family who all drink, or just feeling that celebratory mood, it’s so hard not to want to pour yourself a cocktail and join in on the “fun.”

What I have to remember is that I will pay for this “fun” in the middle of the night. Sure, the first hour or two while drinking will feel great. I’ve satisfied my craving, I’ve felt that initial rush of endorphins working through my brain and body, I’ve fallen in with a group of people—socializing with beverage in hand. But this beverage could just as easily be a La Croix or a Cranberry and Club Soda. And then I wouldn’t feel like crap the next morning. And I wouldn’t say something I’d regret. And I would actually remember the event.

I wouldn’t be disappointed with myself.

So yep, this Sunday when my mother-in-law serves mimosas with our Easter Brunch or asks if we’d like a spiked coffee instead, I’ll smile, thank her, and say, “I’ll pass.” I’ll sip my orange juice, stuff my face with breakfast casserole, and be mentally & physically present with my kids while they hunt for Easter eggs. I’ll take pictures, laugh, and I’ll have an AWESOME time.



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