“Life has no limitations, except the ones you make.” – Les Brown

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  • Facing Forward
    So, I had a hiccup. I got through Friday night just fine without drinking. Actually, it was a good win. We had dinner plans with Brandon & Jennifer, a couple we rarely see anymore. We went to a Mexican restaurant, and while everyone else ordered house margaritas, I stuck to my guns and ordered a … Continue reading Facing Forward
  • Cravings (Day 5)
    I chose the above picture for a sense of calm, something to look at while I’m writing about today’s TAE topic: cravings. Because just the word, “cravings,” sends off a trigger ALERT in my head. Funny, right? Ah… but the truth. So, yep, Annie Grace talked about what cravings actually are and how we can … Continue reading Cravings (Day 5)
  • TAE–Day 4 (Dealing with Discomfort)
    Today’s TAE lesson deals with “Dealing with Discomfort” as you’re coming down off the booze. Scott Pinyard led this topic, and in his video, he talked about how it’s only natural that your body will be going through some upheaval while it flushes itself of the alcohol. It’s used to getting it daily (for most … Continue reading TAE–Day 4 (Dealing with Discomfort)

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